A Plan For All Seasons (Jan-Dec) 10

November 01, 2022

November, the month of Thanksgiving, is a time when many people decide to take a look at and appreciate what they already have.

What do you have, in terms of assets?

Real Estate? Automobiles? Insurance Policies? Savings? Those things, and others, are your "Estate." You have them now, but what will happen to them in the future? If you haven't given any thought to Estate Planning, now is as good a time as any to get started.

Estate planning often gets put off, as any discussion of "the end" tends to be off-putting. But those who die without their financial affairs in good order risk leaving their heirs some significant problems, along with their legacies.

Keep in mind, money isn't the only reason for an estate plan. You may not be a multimillionaire yet, but if you own a business, have a blended family, have children with special needs, worry about dementia, or can't stand the thought of probate delays and probate fees whittling away at assets you have amassed ... well, these are all good reasons to create and maintain an estate planning strategy.

An estate plan helps to ensure that your financial goals are met after you're gone. A will, a power of attorney, a health-care proxy ... there are many elements, and a good plan should take both State and Federal Tax laws into consideration.

There is so much to think about. Do you have questions about your estate? Simply reply to this email. I’m happy to help where I can.

Remember - I'm here for you. Every season.

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