What Clients Expect of Their CPA has Changed

In years past, professional borders were easier, and your tasks clearly defined. Today, clients need and expect more, and financial services have become harder to ignore. Whether you’re a sole practitioner or part of a larger firm, you’re now faced with a series of decisions.

“How do you best address a wider range of a client’s interconnected financial needs?”

Through our estate planning division, Advanced Planning Strategies, we can make those decisions easier. We offer comprehensive wealth management and investment management services that complement your accounting practice. Most importantly, we help you deliver more without changing your business structure. You can partner with us informally or formally, depending on your needs. You can take advantage of our personnel, training, and access to information systems. Leveraging our services, you can also add a profit center to your firm without putting sales pressure on your clients. In the end, our goal is to provide options that help you work in a more holistic way so your clients’ financial freedom becomes possible.

Work With Independent, Objective Fiduciaries Like Yourself

As a CPA, the quality of the advice that you provide to your clients is of the highest importance, and establishing systems for maintaining that quality is the conduit to achieving that goal.  We’ve been very careful to structure our firm and its programs to ensure the alignment of our incentives with the goals of your clients and to minimize and fully disclose any potential conflicts of interest. We are an independent firm that is not owned by or affiliated with any other company that might require us to sell a certain quota of their proprietary products.  Furthermore, we can establish our own firm-to-firm agreements with vendors and providers, which allows us to seek out and deliver what we believe are the best financial solutions or products available throughout the universe of available resources. We believe that this infrastructure and the intensive specialized training we provide to our constituents make us a little more objective and a little less biased in dealing with your clientele, helping to make you more confident in the relationships you create with us.

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Our Gain Access To An Entire Team And Establish A Firm-To-Firm Relationship

When you partner with a financial services provider that you are entrusting with your client relationships, it’s important they will be able to deliver the high level services your clients require.  Our solution is to give you the opportunity to establish a firm-to-firm relationship with an independent boutique that uses a team approach to deliver white-glove services to you and your clientele, and while providing you with a primary point of contact, will also offer you the ability to select from team members as you deem appropriate. The benefit of the firm/team approach (as opposed to having a relationship with a single individual provider) is that you are not dependent on the whims of any one person, so that you can access the expertise and the personalities you need, when and where you need them.

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Tap Into A Brain Trust Of Financial Planning Technical Resources

In addition to client relationship managers and generalist financial planners that typically work directly with clientele, we maintain a stable of specialists in various areas of financial planning and wealth management so that you can tap into our resources on demand, to simply pick the brain of an expert, attend our remote-access training sessions, or use our fee planning department to generate documents and recommendations for delivery to your client. Our four primary areas of financial planning expertise are:

  • Investment Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Succession
  • Fringe Benefits
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